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Introducing myself

Welcome to S&C Therapy

I'm Charlie, AKA the 'go-to guy' for all of your musculoskeletal concerns. As the owner of S&C Therapy, I can proudly say that for anything ranging from chronic pain and impact injuries to milder day-to-day stiffness and aches, you can rest assured knowing you are in the most capable hands to revitalise your health and wellbeing.

Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and for that reason I take the time to fully understand your condition prior to treatment. It is my mission to ensure each and every patient I treat receives the most effective recovery plan for their specific situation and circumstances.

Results that are built to last

Temporary relief is great but I really want you to achieve long and sustained results. That's why my approach focuses on really getting to grips with the root cause of your issue rather than merely masking your symptoms.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I have worked both privately and as an MSK Specialist for the NHS in Norwich, Norfolk. I've treated countless patients across the whole spectrum of musculoskeletal trauma and am excited to now be offering my expertise to the residents of Norwich within my S&C Therapy clinic doors.

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Charlie Widmer
BSc Physiotherapy
University of East Anglia


Whether you have been experiencing long-term discomfort, or it is only recently you have been in pain. Whether the symptoms you are experiencing are severe or slightly milder. You will be treated with the same care and attentiveness I provide to all my patients as we take you by the hand and carve out a roadmap to get you back to a healthier physical condition.  



Physio treatments reduce muscular and joint pain through a combination of manual techniques and exercise.
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Sports massage

Massage techniques to soothe muscular aches and strains and improve range of movement and blood flow.
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Traditional Chinese medicine practice whereby healing is promoted via inserting needles in specific locations of the body.
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What’s the difference between physiotherapy vs sports massage therapy?
Physiotherapy treatment applies to a broader range of musculoskeletal health conditions that impair mobility and cause feelings of pain and discomfort. Sports massage therapy conversely is focused solely on muscular manipulation to relieve tension and soreness.


A thorough assessment and diagnosis of your condition will be the first step in our journey towards best managing your recovery. Depending on your health issues and the pain you are experiencing, treatment could take a physiotherapy approach, particularly if there are joint and skeletal concerns. If the treatment region is entirely localised in muscle tissue, sports massage therapy may be more applicable.

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Muscular aches & strains
Sports injuries
Movement mechanics
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3 steps to recovery


Through interactive 3D anatomy modelling and thorough one-on-one consulting in your first session at the clinic, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your condition. From here I will draw up the optimal treatment program tailored for you.


Together we will follow this roadmap to give you the most impactful results. This will typically take the characteristics of more frequent sessions in the shorter term, then as we move along your recovery timeline, typically we'll progressively decrease the intensity.


I like to make sure my patients understand what is happening in their bodies so they can best alter any destructive habits. You will be looked after with my aftercare plans that are drawn up with a level of detail and care you will not find anywhere else.


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