Who am I?

I’m Charlie, a Chartered Physiotherapist who holds a degree in BSc Physiotherapy from the University of East Anglia and am excited to be opening my doors to the residents of Norwich.

In addition to my private work, my time working as an MSK specialist for the NHS put me in the position to treat countless patients experiencing the same type of issues you likely are. Freeing patients from painful and sometimes long-term injuries and seeing the change- not just in their functionality- but their overall well-being is the reason I fell in love with what I do.

Why choose S&C Therapy?

Simply put, S&C Therapy is the home of the most comprehensive bespoke recovery programs on the market. You are getting a level of attentiveness and care you will not find anywhere else. People are often taken aback by how clearly I am able to break things down, allowing them to understand their own physiology and body mechanics.

Our clinic is conveniently located off Surrey Street and Queens Road within Norwich City Centre, just round the corner from Norwich Bus Station.


3 steps to recovery


Through interactive 3D anatomy modelling and thorough one-on-one consulting in your first session at the clinic, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your condition. From here I will draw up the optimal treatment program tailored for you.


Together we will follow this roadmap to give you the most impactful results. This will typically take the characteristics of more frequent sessions in the shorter term, then as we move along your recovery timeline, typically we'll progressively decrease the intensity.


I like to make sure my patients understand what is happening in their bodies so they can best alter any destructive habits. You will be looked after with my aftercare plans that are drawn up with a level of detail and care you will not find anywhere else.