Goal of treatment

A traditional Chinese medicine practice whereby needles are inserted in specific locations around the boy to promote healing and alleviate pain.


What's involved?

Charlie will insert needles into select regions of the body for a temporary period of time to assist the flow of energy, known in traditional Chinese medicine as 'Qi' energy. Stimulating these points has proved effective in its pain-relieving properties as well as in accelerating recovery and healing.

It has long been understood in Chinese medicine that through maintaining a healthy flow of inner energy you achieve balance and harmony in the body.

What to expect?

You can expect a reasonable portion of your first session to be dedicated to Charlie assessing you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your condition before proceeding to treat it.  

Through the use of 3D anatomy modelling, along with supporting informational resources, Charlie will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the nature of the health issues you are experiencing and what is causing them.

Health conditions treated

Back pain
Neck pain
Joint pain
Muscular aches and strains
Sporting injuries
Movement mechanics
Chronic pain
Time to make your aches and pains a memory of the past?
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Pain relief
Migraine relief
Improved posture
Hormonal balance
Promote fertility
Improved sleep
Reduced stress
Mental wellbeing

3 steps to recovery


Through interactive 3D anatomy modelling and thorough one-on-one consulting in your first session at the clinic, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of your condition. From here I will draw up the optimal treatment program tailored for you.


Together we will follow this roadmap to give you the most impactful results. This will typically take the characteristics of more frequent sessions in the shorter term, then as we move along your recovery timeline, typically we'll progressively decrease the intensity.


I like to make sure my patients understand what is happening in their bodies so they can best alter any destructive habits. You will be looked after with my aftercare plans that are drawn up with a level of detail and care you will not find anywhere else.